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PenServ provides consulting, recordkeeping, administration and compliance services.. In this capacity, we bring together the Team that will best suit the needs of the Plan, including a qualified financial advisor, trading platform, and product providers to ensure the on-going value of the Plan. Our open architecture products are easily adapted to a brokerage arrangement or to an advisory program. Combination programs permit application of fees to ensure levelized compensation is applied to all investment options. Our Plan Design Consultant can assist you and your client to determine if the existing plan structure is most suited for the goals of the employer.

Investment Options

The PenServ platform offers a wide selection of investment options designed to assist the investment professional in selecting the right program for the client. Various platforms designed to accommodate the plan include open-architecture mutual funds platforms, annuity contracts and managed accounts. The flexibility of the programs also permit plans to select a combination of products specifically designed to suit the employer's needs.

Why Choose PenServ?

PenServ is a trusted name in the retirement plan industry. As a firm, our compliance and technical services are used by many investment providers throughout the country. Our recordkeeping and administrative services are not based on a template, but rather on the needs of the individual plan. When selecting a recordkeeper for your client, ask if the following are included as part of the standard services:

  • Are Salary Deferral Limits monitored throughout the year?
  • Does the recordkeeping system prevent deferrals from ineligible employees?
  • Is the employer advised when new employees are eligible to enter the plan?
  • Are reminders sent to employers advising that payrolls are due on a specific date?
  • Is a reminder sent if a payroll is not received on a timely basis?
  • Is the employer advised when a loan will be repaid?
  • Is the employer notified when hardship recipients are permitted to re-enter the Plan?
  • Is the employer advised when to enroll eligible rehires?
  • Are various testing cures offered to the employer?
  • Are eligible employees cashed out of the Plan?
  • Are employees automatically advised when distributions become payable?

Requesting A Proposal

Preparing a proposal for your client is part of our Conversion Service. Our design consultants can assist in determining if the existing plan design is most suited for the goals of the employer. We can review the investments and identify any restrictions that may apply to the proposed funds. To receive a proposal for a new Plan, contact a marketing representative and one of our consultants will assist you to gather the information necessary to prepare the quote.

To contact a Plan Design Consultant:
Phone 1-800-849-4001 or 1-803-822-1804
Request for Proposal Form