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A series of periodically–updated technical manuals, available in an easy-to-use interactive electronic version, are all written in complete manuscript format. Each manual contains literally hundreds of authoritative footnotes, which provides the reader with that extra credibility when faced with a difficult question or situation. Manuals are available for the following:

Volume 1 - IRAs: Traditional, Roth, Coverdell ESA

Covers all of the contribution and distribution rules with respect to Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts, as well as Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. The Manual contains a detailed analysis of the reporting requirements as well as extensive discussion on Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), from calculating the minimum to reporting the RMDs.

Volume 2 - SEP and SIMPLE Plans

Covers all of the rules with respect to Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs), Salary Reduction SEP Plans (SARSEPs) and SIMPLE IRA plans whether the plan covers only the owner of the business or if other employees are also eligible to participate. This manual also covers social security integration rules for SEPs and detailed information on the SIMPLE IRA plan and its unique features.

Volume 3 - Qualified Plans for Small Businesses

Covers all of the rules with respect to defined contribution qualified plans (profit-sharing and money purchase) where the business owner is the only plan participant or the plan only covers a small number of employees. This manual also contains a chapter regarding 401(k)s for the small business.

Volume 4 - 401(k) Plans

Covers information pertaining to the general requirements for 401(k) plans, eligibility, contribution and deduction rules, coverage, minimum participation, average deferral percentage (ADP), excess contributions, excess deferrals, employee and employer matching contributions, excess aggregate contributions, distributions, minimum vesting and forfeitures, top-heavy plans and IRS examination guidelines. Included in this manual is also detailed information on the Safe Harbor 401(k) and the SIMPLE 401(k) plan.

Volume 5 - 403(b) Plans

Covers eligibility, funding vehicles, salary reduction arrangements, contribution limits, nondiscrimination, distribution provisions, how to handle excess amounts, 70½ distributions, and corrections under EPCRS (Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System). Also the differences between an ERISA 403(b) and a Non-ERISA 403(b) are covered. There is a detailed chapter in this manual covering the uniqueness of a Church Plan or RICA (Retirement Income Church Account) and the rules surrounding 403(b)(9) Plans.

Volume 6 - 457 Plans

Covers the requirements for an Employer 457 Plan, from set-up to annual administration. This manual is part of the 457 Plan Package to which a financial institution can subscribe. The Table of contents for this product will also refer to the documents contained in a particular section of the Manual.

Volume 7 - Health Savings Account

Covers the requirements for an individual to be eligible to establish an HSA, the contribution limits, rollovers and transfers, distributions and compliance issues. It also covers the rules applicable to an eligible High Deductible Health Care Plan (HDHP).

PenServ designs and supports a variety of prototype plan documents with varying features from which the employer can choose. As a PenServ Plan User, your organization is assured that constant monitoring for compliance is in the hands of experienced professionals whose sole purpose is to provide the most accurate and timely plan amendments.

IRS-approved employer plans include:

  • Prototype SEP Plan (includes permitted disparity formulas)
  • Prototype SARSEP Plan for "grandfathered" employers
  • SimplifiedPlus Prototype Money Purchase Plan designed for the small employer with employees
  • SimplifiedPlus Prototype Profit Sharing Plan designed for the small employer with employees
  • Expanded Prototype Money Purchase Plan for multiple participants (includes permitted disparity, loans and insurance provisions)
  • Expanded Prototype Profit Sharing Plan for multiple participants (includes 401(k), loans and insurance provisions)
  • Unlimited Prototype Money Purchase Plan designed for the larger employer that permits additional options not available on the expanded version
  • Unlimited Prototype Profit Sharing Plan designed for the larger employer that permits additional options not available on the expanded version, such as point allocation and comparability formulas, more plan exclusions, etc.
  • 401(a) Plans for Governmental Employers

PenServ IRA Academy
The IRA Academy is a comprehensive, three and one-half day training session held each year in San Antonio, TX. The IRA Academy provides in-depth knowledge on all aspects of IRAs. This training session combines classroom instruction and multimedia presentations in order to provide students with an ideal learning environment.

PenServ Academy and Annual Conference
Our three and one-half day Academy and Annual Conference provides important updates on IRAs, small business plans, 401(k)s and 403(b)s along with other legislative and regulatory updates. Offering a cafeteria-style break-out approach to the classes offered, the Conference allows ample time to address a variety of subjects including:

  • Rollovers & transfers
  • Return of excess
  • Required minimum distributions

The Academy and Conference is the perfect environment for education, networking, and more.

In-House Training
Does your business need special instruction that cannot be addressed in either the IRA Academy or the Academy and Annual Conference? If this is the case, you might consider in-house training.

In-house training allows our consultants to come to your location and offers the convenience of tailoring a training program specifically to meet your employees’ needs. It also allows more employees the opportunity to attend the needed training instead of only a select few. Call for cost and scheduling information.

Institution And Advisors Newsletters

IRA Plus
IRA Plus is a monthly technical publication covering current developments with respect to traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, SEPs, SIMPLE Plans, and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Written by experienced retirement plan professionals, IRA Plus will keep you up-to-date and in-the-know concerning all aspects of retirement plan technical rules.

Benefits Plus
Benefits Plus is a monthly technical publication covering current developments with respect to qualified plans, 403(b) plans, 457 plans, nonqualified plans and other employee benefit plan issues. Written by experienced retirement plan specialists, Benefits Plus will keep you in-the-know on all aspects of employee benefit plan.

The PenServ TechLine™
The answers to all your retirement plan questions can be just a phone call away.
The PenServ TechLine™ is a telephone consulting service staffed only by experienced retirement plan professionals. The TechLine provides immediate answers to all your retirement plan questions. A 12-month subscription allows 10 callers (additional charge for more callers) of your choice the ability to access our consultants Monday-Friday during business hours. Messages can be left via voice mail and your call will be returned on the next business day.

403(b) Plan Documents and Forms

Forms are available in paper-form, electronically, or in bulk print order. All packages include §403(b) plan documents, administrative forms, disclosure information and sample marketing brochure language. Now that IRS has begun to audit for 2009, it is imperative that all forms and documents be reviewed for compliance. IRS is reviewing this retroactive to 2009. TPAs should have in their files the compliance checks completed in 2009 and 2010 and continue those procedures going forward.

Each 403(b) package can be customized to fit the needs of your organization. This includes the plan, account application and any administration forms.

The 403(b) Plan Packages have been updated to include amendments made under the final 403(b) regulations as well as the Pension Protection Act of 2006, the Heart ACT and WRERA for provisions effective in 2006 through 2011.

The 403(b) packages include:

  • 403(b) Plan Document for Non-ERISA Public School Employers;
  • 403(b) Plan Document for Non-ERISA or Non-ERISA 501(c)(3) Employers;
  • Summary Plan Description for ERISA Plans;
  • 403(b)(7) Custodial Agreement for mutual funds and broker-dealers (can be used as underlying investment vehicle at the Vendor level);
  • Revised and Updated Administrative Forms (including required changes through the 2011 tax year);
  • Employer Checklist(s) to assist in complying with new regulations;
  • Description of the changes under the final regulations; and
  • Many educational tools for Employers and Vendors to utilize.

The package is updated periodically to reflect changes by IRS, Department of Labor or Congress. Annual fee includes automatic notification if a form or the document or procedures require amendment.

403 Plan Document Packages

  • The following 403(b) Plan Packages are available:
  • §403(b)(7) Plan Package (see above for the items included in this package)
  • Optional Retirement Plan §403(b) for Texas Institutions of Higher Learning (ORP)
  • Church Plan Package (includes investments permitted by Church Organization - not limited to Annuities and Mutual Funds).

Administrative forms are critical to the proper administration of a plan. PenServ has been providing the Vendor industry with proper administrative forms since its inception. These forms are periodically updated when it is required or recommended. Some of the Administrative forms included in the 403(b) Plan packages are:

Beneficiary Designation/Change Form
Trust Beneficiary Certification
403(b) Subsequent Beneficiary Form
403(b) Plan-to-Plan Transfer/Exchange Documentation
403(b) Distribution Form
403(b) Orphan Account Distribution/Exchange Form
403(b) Required Death Distributions
403(b) Maximum Contribution Worksheet (2002 and Beyond)
403(b) Plan Loan Policies and Procedures
Roth 403(b) Employer Authorization Form
Employers 403(b) Plan Hardship Distribution Policy
Required 403(b) Distribution at Death Calculation Worksheet
Required 403(b) Distribution at Age 70½ Payment Form and Worksheet
Election to Waive 403(b) Required Distribution at 70½
Rollover Explanation for Qualified Plans and 403(b)s - IRS' 402(f) Notice (updated and corrected from IRS version)
Beneficiary Direct Rollover From an Employer's Plan
Employee's Salary Reduction Agreements (Includes Roth Elective Deferral Options and Automatic Enrollment)
Notice of Withholding on Periodic Payments
Direct Rollover/Affirmative Election Form
Maximum Elective Deferral Worksheet for 2002 and Subsequent Years
Pre-59 ½ Substantially Equal Payment Form
Notice to Employees Regarding Saver's Credit
Adding the Roth Elective Deferral Option - Employer Checklist
Direction for Withdrawal of Funds
Employer Checklist for Compliance with Final 403(b) Regulations

403(b) Customized Plans Are Also Available!

The PenServ consulting Staff can also prepare for you or for review by your attorney a customized plan document where your needs will not fit on a prototype 403(b) plan. In addition PenServ has available Multiple Employer Plan documents for Associations. Call 1-800-849-4001 or email with your questions or needs.

What is an HSA?

A Health Savings Account or HSA means a trust created or organized in the United States exclusively for the purpose of paying the qualified medical expenses of the Account Beneficiary, but only if the written governing instrument creating the trust meets the following requirements:

  1. Regular HSA contributions must be made in cash, unless it is a rollover or transfer (and the HSA trustee or custodian accepts noncash rollovers and transfers)
  2. Prior to 2007, regular HSA contributions made for a taxable year could not have exceeded 100% of the highest annual policy deductible amount under the eligible individual's high deductible health plan (HDHP) for such year up to a certain dollar amount depending upon whether the HSA owner had self-only or family coverage under the HDHP. The maximum dollar amount each year is subject to cost-of-living adjustments rounded to the lower $50 increment. Beginning in 2007, regular HSA contributions made for a taxable year are no longer tied to the HDHP's deductible amount.

What does PenServ offer?

PenServ will provide the following as a package that can keep the Employer and the Employees up to date. The Heath Savings Account Packages includes:

  • Plan document(s), and related adoption agreements.
  • PenServ has both trustee and custodial documents.
  • Plan is based on the IRS Model plans and is updated each year to reflect any changes in the law. The disclosure is added to help describe the benefits to the Employee.
  • PenServ sends all current distribution/transaction forms, which are updated each year to reflect any changes.

PenServ has designed a variety of IRA Plan Document Packages whether your organization is a trustee or custodian. We also prepare the required disclosure language for you depending on whether your organization as the custodian can guarantee and/or project the amount that will be available to the participant upon attaining any age from very young to age 70 1/2. The PenServ IRA documents have survived IRS plan audits and our financial disclosures satisfy section 1.408-6 of the Treasury Regulations.

PenServ offers internal audits of your retirement department including your forms, disclosures, processes and procedures to ensure that your institution will pass an IRS audit.

The IRA/SEP/SIMPLE Document Packages Include:

  • Traditional IRA Plan Packages (includes Traditional IRA agreement, disclosure statement and adoption agreement as well as all applicable administrative forms)
  • Roth IRA Plan Packages (includes Roth IRA agreement, disclosure statement and adoption agreement as well as all applicable administrative forms)
  • Coverdell ESA Plan Packages (includes ESA Plan, Adoption Agreement, disclosure and all applicable administrative forms)
  • SIMPLE IRA Plan Packages (includes SIMPLE IRA agreement for participants, disclosure statement and adoption agreement as well as applicable forms and all Plan documents and forms) for use by the Employer to set up the SIMPLE Plan.)

These Plan Packages Are Available In A Variety Of Formats:

  • Paper versions (so you can use your own printing capabilities)
  • Electronic versions (email or CD-ROM)
  • Bulk printing by PenServ with customization available

For more information and a list of the forms included call 1-800-849-4001 or email